Medication, an Ongoing Struggle

Well, here we are again. I thought I had learned my lesson, but somehow I'm finding myself skipping doses. It's different this time though. The last time I stopped medication, it was a very conscious decision. I just decided I didn't need them. I hadn't had a major manic episode, I hadn't felt depressed in… Continue reading Medication, an Ongoing Struggle

Podcasting (+Brainsick)

I have some exciting news! A few weeks ago I had an idea for a podcast--something I've thought about doing (once I got used to hearing my own voice) but wasn't sure what the subject would be. I knew I wanted it to be related to mental illness and that was about it. That's when… Continue reading Podcasting (+Brainsick)

Critters Have Feelings Too

This post is dedicated to every single nonhuman animal out there and the humans who love and recognize them for the intelligent beings they are. I'm a little surprised I haven't written about this yet, considering how much thoughts of other animals fill my day to day, especially since interning at the Primate Center. I'm… Continue reading Critters Have Feelings Too

The Essentials

I have (incredibly) just finished my first quarter at University of California, Davis and I am exhausted. The past couple months have both felt extremely busy and not productive whatsoever at the same time. I'm glad I have this first quarter under my belt though, and I'm trying to enjoy break before heading straight back… Continue reading The Essentials

I got accepted… . . now what?

Ever since I moved to Northern California and began attending community college, everything I have done academically has gone toward transferring to a four year university. I didn't give myself much time to think beyond what classes do I need to take to apply with my major? When is the soonest I can transfer? How can… Continue reading I got accepted… . . now what?