Podcasting (+Brainsick)

I have some exciting news!

A few weeks ago I had an idea for a podcast–something I’ve thought about doing (once I got used to hearing my own voice) but wasn’t sure what the subject would be. I knew I wanted it to be related to mental illness and that was about it.

That’s when it came to me, actually when my sister was cutting my hair (it turned out great, thanks sis). I could explore famous people and fictional characters/works with mental illness; it would create a space for dialogue, shed light on mental disorders, and make it all more relatable through ourselves and others.

I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so I recruited my ever supportive boyfriend Andrew and aforementioned sister Aleta to cohost with me. So far it’s been pretty great! We had a bit of an awkward start as none of us had recorded a podcast before, but we’ve started to hit our stride.

Here’s the basic outline of the pod: one of us will research a person/fictional work and then present it to the other two of us. We’ll rotate; none of it is planned beyond the person’s research. It’s an open discussion and sharing of mental illness and our own experiences and thoughts on related topics. I’m thinking that for every fourth episode we can have a special guest or do something a bit outside of the usual. The great thing is that we can have creative license to do whatever we want!

I came up with the name Brainsick. We’ve released two episodes so far, ‘Ready, Set, Gogh!’ featuring me, Lydia, presenting Vincent van Gogh and ‘Crazy=Genius’ presented by Andrew about Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. We’re still figuring out all the logistics of how the platform works and submitting our pod, but I think it’s coming together. The hard part is getting it out there.

I’m trying not to be too expectant or have high expectations, but I really do hope people can join us and feel less alone in their own struggles. It’s what I’ve been striving to do with this blog to an extent, and through sharing my own experiences.

Speaking of, today I had an amazing experience–my favorite podcast, Box of Oddities, released an episode about the history ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) and were saying they didn’t have much knowledge about modern practices. I reached out and sent them a message detailing my own relationship with ECT, hoping to shed some light and answer some of their questions.

The next episode (released today, you can find it here) they read my entire message!! I was amazed and my heart felt (feels) so incredibly full. I messaged them and thanked them for reading it, they said thank YOU and that I’m inspiring!!

It was a beautiful moment and a reminder of how important it is to get your story and your voice out there. It’s an encouragement to me to continue my own podcast and hopefully provide a platform for anyone who would like to share their own story (feel free to reach out if you’d like!).

Here’s to the future! You can listen to our episodes on Spotify or on our website. We also have an Instagram that I’ll try to keep updated. Check us out and let me know what you think!

All the best, and with love,


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